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Every single person would dream about his dream car. It is easily possible for people with a good credit score to buy a new car with a loan taken. However, people with bad credit will not be able to avail any new loan to support the purchase of a new car. There are lenders who offer loans to even people with poor or bad credit. No credit car loan is a popular term among millions of people in this recession hit world. The internet is the best source to find information regarding such lenders and much information can be collected. Most websites try to steal the data and sell it to lenders. Consumers may be flooded with junk phone calls and mails from the lenders. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled to get such kinds of loans.

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It is important to have some one who can guarantee and to sign the documents taking the responsibility to repay in case if the borrower cannot pay it. Part payments and monthly installments should be paid promptly to avoid any due course of action. This might drag down the credit score giving a poor background in repayment of loan, which will prevent the borrower from applying another loan. A lender may accept
1> Co-signer – A close friend who is willing to sign for the borrower.
2> Co-Applicant – This is a family member, husband, spouse, or parent that is willing to sign for the borrower.

Keeping a track on the credit score is a good way to find a better deal. Information on credit score will help the borrowers to negotiate the deal and get proper discounts and offers. This can be obtained from the Annual Credit Report as required by Federal Law.

There are certain other requirements that must be met before the approval of a no credit car loan. The borrower must be employed full time and at least one year of employment history is required. This gives the assurance that the borrower has got the job and salary with which he could repay the loan amount. The deal can be better negotiated if the user can actually prove himself to earn $1500 per month. Borrowers must have been stayed for one year at the current residence or more than that. This shows a responsibility level that the borrower has managed to pay the bills and rent properly.

It may be very difficult to shop for services for a no credit car loan. It is important to search for information online to find out companies who might have cordial relationship with the automotive dealers to get the best help out of them. Borrowers will have to fill out a car loan application and then lenders will contact them matching the requirements. It is not that difficult to obtain a no credit car loan if the borrower is very sincere in repaying the loan amount promptly and shows off this interest while negotiating with the dealers.

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