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Automobile Tips to get the Best Memorial Day Car Deals
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How to make the most of Memorial Day Car Purchase?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday honoring our military personnel who have sacrificed their lives while serving the nation. The holiday is the earnest beginning of a long summer which means it is the best time to get outside. A lot of people like to unwind in the mood of Memorial Day, however, it isn’t a dull day for people in the auto industry. In addition to the flutter of activity in the automobile spectrum, it is a big day for car shoppers who are looking forward to Memorial Day and wishing to get the most out of their auto financing deal.

Maximize Memorial Day Deals

The presence of auto financing is crucial as well as necessary for most car buyers. In order to get the best holiday deals, it becomes essential to consider auto loans tips and tricks so that you can go home with a car that makes you happy and doesn’t weigh you down financially.

1) Look for Pre-Approval Auto Loan

Once you have selected the car you wish to purchase, the dealer will guide you to an auto financing company. If you already have been pre-approved by a bank, check for lower interest rates on the dealership auto loan. Additionally, if you are an active military personnel or a veteran and have received a pre-approved military auto loan, you can buy a car that is within or lower to the approved amount and invest the rest of the money in buying accessories. Shop around a good number of dealerships before you settle down for getting your Memorial Day pre-approved vehicle financing.

2) Obtain Military & Veteran Offers

Memorial Day is celebrated in honor of the fallen servicemen of the United States, which is why it is a common sight to see huge rebates offered to military men and veterans. Memorial Day brings with it the advantage of obtaining competitive auto loan rates from various banks as well as credit unions. For instance, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union assists active military men and veterans in obtaining a low interest rate on the auto loan. Therefore, make sure you get the most out of Memorial Day deals as it is once-in-a-year opportunity for car buyers who wish to make an immediate purchase.

3) Prepare to Negotiate

Being aware of the current and past market trends will always be beneficial during the negotiation process. Understand the make, model, features and fuel efficiency of your car, prior to negotiation. If you have competitive deals from other dealerships, your dealer will register your seriousness and provide you with his best available offer. Additionally, a holistic understanding of the market will give you an idea of the price that you should pay for the car.

Being Proactive: Start Ahead of the Holidays

Do not wait until the end of Memorial Day to get the car of your choice. Research before a few weeks, visit several dealerships and understand their pricing in order to get the best Memorial Day car deals. If you are in the process of contemplating and procrastinating your car purchase due to a high price, Memorial Day is the perfect time to pull up your socks and purchase the car of your dreams.

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